The Rule of Law

Nomocracy is from the Greek, νομος and κρατος, meaning rule of law. The concept has been expressed in the phrase “Lex, Rex”, translated as “the law is king”.

This forum is for discussion of the opposition between the rule of law and its alternatives and adversaries.


2 Responses to The Rule of Law

  1. Fred Blomson says:


    At my school years in Athens, I read for the first time about democracy and nomokracy.
    Then left the word out and not until now (July 2009) with my 72 years I have begun to recognize that information technology has again made possible nomocracy.
    The word nomos means law and the word Krátos means state, the verb Krató means I hold, I reigns.
    The idea and objective of edemocracy is enomocracy. It means the citizens to create laws that will own and control everything in society. In this way the concept enommocracy alongside edemocracy is to say the least, an extremely important concept.
    Laws are of course a subject for the experts when it comes to detailed design and all round-about. Basic Laws and important decisions must and can be taken today by all, and all must be involved and take part.
    Many (almost all) “screams” high today, for example, demanding jobs, better wages and pensions, better health care, good housing, disarmament, no nuclear, no environmental degradation, pandemic threats, and the like.
    The question is, who is responsible, that not enough happens in the world? Yes! You guessed right where I want to come!
    It is obvious we ourselves are responsible. It is we who every four years, give our extremely valuable vote to politicians who then, since ever, in combination with the economy leaders, control everything.
    For me the solution is very simple.
    We will stop to give our vote to the politicians!
    Fortunately, nearly 50% of people do it in many places in the world today. The important thing is that now we must agree on an alternative to the politicians and to all the kinds of representatives.
    We have to take important decisions, enact fundamental laws themselves and ensure that they are applied and enforced. For it must humanism face the selfishness. How easy will have the rich and privileged to share equal? I believe that humanism will ultimately convince and will unite all.
    To agree is the weakest point, the most difficult task and also enomokratins major dilemma. There is a range of facts associated with enomokratin and globalization is the key.
    Laws must be global even if enomocracy also can be applied in any organization, including in ordinary families.
    It has been shown that all of us on earth are interdependent and we need both common law and to share everything. In the same way as members of a family share everything, we need to share equally everything in the big world family.
    We must come together simply and to start with enacting laws, we need a common official language (in all aspects) to quickly and easily raise the educational level in the world. Too much is it a matter of belief and desire. It costs nothing to curse the fanatical nationalism, the fanatical conservatism and to keep the fanatical religions apart from the humane global legislation.
    For example: Are you prepared to be involved and make a global law that gives all rights to 12 years of education?
    Do not say that it is a cost issue because you can, for example, legislate to lay down the world-defense …
    Please! Become enomocrat and let us discuss and experiment on making proposals to the global laws and try to enact laws to poke and inform the world citizens.

  2. captnmike says:

    I wonder if you set your comments to moderate and if your old email account still works

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